NRG Series COVID-19 Updates

Original Post: March 11, 2020
On the NRG Series, our number one priority is the comfort and safety of event attendees. We’ve been following the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak for the last few weeks, and it’s become obvious that hosting large events goes against the advice offered by numerous doctors, researchers, and government agencies. As such, we have decided to cancel some upcoming events on the NRG Series.

Players who registered for any of our canceled events will be automatically refunded over the next few days. If you placed an online order through Nerd Rage Gaming for pickup at an upcoming event, please contact us at for a refund or to have your order shipped to a different address.

Update: April 15, 2020
At this time, the 2020 NRG Series has suspended all paper events until further notice. The CDC still recommends the cancellation of events with larger than ten people and has not provided a timeline for when it will be safe for us to resume these events. When it becomes appropriate to resume the NRG Series, we will be sure to announce that in a timely manner to allow for adequate travel preparations.

However, we’ve already had Trials as part of the 2020 Season, and we still want to acknowledge the success that players had in those events. Rest assured, whenever the NRG Series resumes, we will be sure to incorporate the results from the 2020 events in the new leaderboard and qualification method.

In the meantime, check out our newly announced NRG Series MTGO Opens. While we can’t bring you paper events, we’re still committed to being a premier organizer for Magic events and providing quality coverage. Keep an eye out for the first NRG Series MTGO Open on Sunday, April 26, 2020.

We understand that this isn’t necessarily good news, and we don’t have a perfect solution. Thank you for understanding the difficult decision that had to be made due to the uncertainty surrounding this situation. We’re looking forward to bringing back the NRG Series when we can be sure that it is safe to do so.

Update: August 21, 2020

First, we wanted to thank you for supporting us over the last few months. COVID-19 has been a difficult time for game stores worldwide, and Nerd Rage Gaming is no exception. By participating in our events, you have allowed us to continue to host tournaments and continue store operations despite the lack of in-person Magic.

Over the last few months, we’ve run a handful of online tournaments experimenting with different platforms, formats, prize structures, and procedures. During this time, we’ve also been working behind the scenes with Wizards of the Coast to imagine what an online NRG Series could look like. Today, we’re proud to announce the result of those months of planning with the NRG Series Online. You can read the full announcement here.

Update: February 18, 2021

It’s been over a year since our last paper event. Wow. For now, we are still running online tournaments while we wait for the world to get back to a place where paper tournaments can resume. You can check out our upcoming online events on our MTG Melee profile page. Thanks as always for your support.

Please note that the information found on this website may not yet be updated to reflect these changes.

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