CTQ Information

Nerd Rage Gaming Championship Trial Qualifiers

2020 Retailer Information

What is the CTQ Program?

We started the CTQ program as a way to help other retailers organize high-level Magic tournaments in their own store. Each CTQ event is run by individual tournament organizers with support materials provided by Nerd Rage Gaming. Not only do all competitors win coveted Championship Points, but each member of the Top 8 receives their share of $1000 and the winner receives free entry into an upcoming Championship Trial of their choice.

How are CTQ Events Structured?

Each CTQ is a cash event, with prizes and Championship Points distributed according to the table below. Cash prizes are provided by the individual tournament organizers and all other prizes will be included in the CTQ kit.


Standing Cash Prize* Championship Points Additional Prizes
1st $400 5 Free CT Entry and a pack of KMC PerfectFits & HyperMat Sleeves
2nd $200 4 Pack of KMC PerfectFits & HyperMat Sleeves
3rd-4th $100 3 Pack of KMC PerfectFits & HyperMat Sleeves
5th-8th $50 2 Pack of KMC PerfectFits & HyperMat Sleeves
9th-16th 1

*This $1000 total cash prize distribution is our suggestion but may be distributed differently based on the individual tournament organizer’s discretion.

Benefits for Retailers

Nerd Rage Gaming will provide:

  • Free entry into an NRG Series CT event for the winner of the CTQ.
  • A pack of KMC PerfectFits & HyperMat Sleeves to the Winner
  • A pack of KMC PerfectFits & HyperMat Sleeves for all Top 8 competitors.
  • 25 NRG Championship Series table tents
  • Other materials to give away to players, including Nerd Rage Gaming life total pads and branded token cards.
  • Extensive event advertising, including on the Nerd Rage Gaming website, during commercials on Nerd Rage Gaming Live streams on Twitch, boosted Facebook and Twitter advertisements, a Facebook Event Page created exclusively for your event, and listing on the official NRG Championship Series Facebook page.
  • A guide written by the Nerd Rage Gaming Event Manager including tips on running high-quality events.

Store Requirements

  • Stores should be able to seat at least 32 players comfortably.
  • Stores must be a member of the Wizards Play Network at a level of “Core” or higher.
  • Each CTQ event must be run at Competitive REL and run by either a Level 2+ Judge or a pre-approved Level 1 Judge. The Player to Judge ratio must not exceed 35:1. Stores are responsible for fairly compensating judges for their time and experience level. To get a Level 1 judge approved, email max@nerdragegaming.com.
  • Within 48 hours following the event, stores are responsible for sending a Top 8 Photograph, Winner Photograph, Top 8 Decklists, and the Final Standings w/ all players to max@nerdragegaming.com.
  • Per Wizards of the Coast policy, CTQ events cannot be run in conjunction with WPN Events, such as MCQs, Store Championships, or Prereleases.
  • The date for your event will be scheduled by Nerd Rage Gaming with input from your store. This is to ensure that events get the proper amount of advertising time and to ensure that we limit the number of competing events in your area that day.
  • CTQs require an event fee of $250 ($350 for Team Events), made payable to Nerd Rage Gaming.

For more information or to schedule a CTQ at your store, please email NRG Series Coordinator Max Kahn at max@nerdragegaming.com.