The NRG Championship Series

The Nerd Rage Championship Series is a series of monthly trials culminating in a 16-player, $5,000 tournament. To qualify for the tournament, players have to either win one of the 10 championship trials or be one of the four at-large players with the highest championship trial point totals. The 16th invitation will be given to the winner of the ‘Last Chance Qualifier’, a tournament that allows the 5th-12th at-large players to compete for the last slot.

The previous year’s champion automatically qualifies for the championship. The player with the highest overall point total will be named that year’s NRG Championship Series MVP, and will receive free entry into all championship trials for the next year.

The trials rotate between Standard, Modern and Legacy; each trial is a $1,000 cash tournament and finishers earn championship points based on their final standings. To pre-register for upcoming trials, click here.

About the Nerd Rage Gaming Championship Series

Upcoming Nerd Rage Gaming Championship Series Events

Monthly Trial Payouts and Points Structure

1st – $400, 10 Championship Points, and Invite to NRG Championship Event

2nd – $200 and 8 Championship Points

3rd/4th – $100 and 6 Championship Points

5th-8th – $50 and 4 Championship Points

9th-16th – 3 Championship Points

17th-32nd – 2 Championship Points

33rd+ – 1 Championship Point

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