NRG Series 2023 Announcement

The NRG Series is very excited to announce another season of events in 2023, featuring hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash prizes, side events featuring a variety of unique formats, a Command Zone experience, an artist alley, and more!

NRG Series Main Events

Unlike previous years, the 2023 NRG Series will not be subdivided into seasons. Points earned at Trials will be tallied under a single leaderboard with a slightly-modified points structure. Most weekends will include a $10,000 Trial on Saturday and a $5,000 Trial on Sunday. The full schedule will consist of 7 weekends (14 total events).

Here’s a look at our first few events on the 2023 schedule:

Date Location Saturday Event Sunday Event
March 25-26, 2023 Mundelein, IL $10,000 Trial – Modern $5,000 Trial – Pioneer
May 20-21, 2023 Minneapolis, MN $10,000 Trial – Pioneer $5,000 Trial – Modern
June 24-25, 2023 Mundelein, IL $10,000 Trial – Modern $5,000 Trial – Legacy

More information for events after June will be coming soon.

The winners of every $10,000 Trial will earn a direct invitation to compete at the 2023 NRG Series Championship, a 16-player invite-only event with $25,000 in total prizes. All players will earn points towards the annual leaderboard where they can earn an at-large invitation to compete in the Championship. Here’s a look at the prize pool for each of our Individual 2022 events.

$10,000 Individual Trial Prize Breakdown
Finish Cash Prize Points Invites
1 $2,400 30 NRG Championship & DreamHack Magic Showdown
2 $1,200 25 DreamHack Magic Showdown
3-4 $800 20
5-8 $400 15
9-16 $200 10
17-32 $100 5
33-64 3
65-128 2
129+ 1
$5,000 Individual Trial Prize Breakdown
Finish Cash Prize Points Invites
1 $1,200 30 DreamHack Magic Showdown
2 $600 25
3-4 $400 20
5-8 $200 15
9-16 $100 10
17-32 $50 5
33-64 3
65-128 2
129+ 1
Thanks to our friends at DreamHack, the NRG is an official Destination Series, meaning that our events will award invites to upcoming DreamHack Magic Showdown events. The top 2 players of each $10,000 Trial and the winner of each $5,000 will earn their invite and set out on the path to the Pro Tour. Note that players already qualified for the DreamHack Magic Showdown are still permitted to play RCQs hosted at Destination Series events.

Didn’t get off to a great start in the main event? Be on the lookout for select side events awarding a few NRG Series points to undefeated finishers.


The pot continues to get sweeter for the 16 players that qualify for the NRG Series Championship, as we are once again raising the stakes with our largest Championship prize pool ever. The 2023 Championship will bring together the 16 best players on the NRG Series to compete for $25,000 in cash prizes and an invite to the 2024 Championship for 1st Place. Here’s the complete list of ways you can qualify for the 2023 NRG Series Championship:

  • (6) Individual $10,000 Trial winners
  • (3) Team $10,000 Trial winners
  • (1) 2022 NRG Series Champion
  • (6) 2023 At-Large Leaderboard (Top 6)

Side Events & Coverage

Even if competing in the Trials isn’t for you, there’s more fun to be had at one of our NRG Series Weekends. Join us for a newly revamped side events experience, Command Zone @ NRG Series, a robust prize wall, and an artist alley.

We’re also happy to announce that we will be continuing to bring you the action straight from the NRG Series with our live coverage. Be sure to follow us on as we continue to support competitive Magic coverage, featuring live matches with commentary, time-shifted matches, interviews, deck techs, and more.

To The Year Ahead!

The NRG Series is looking forward to another year of Magic across the Midwest. We look forward to hearing your thoughts on the 2023 NRG Series on Twitter at @NRGSeries. To the year ahead!

Note: Content found on this website may not yet be updated to reflect the information found in today’s announcement.

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