Historic: NRG Series Arena Event, April 9, 2022

The Historic format contains cards that may be digitally rebalanced. These decklists show the versions of each card that were legal at the time of the event.

Felix Sloo (1st Place)Golgari FoodExport to:
Toni Portolan (2nd Place)Rakdos ArcanistExport to:
Eduard Mucha (3rd/4th Place)Rakdos ArcanistExport to:
Akihiro Mikami (3rd/4th Place)Azorius AurasExport to:
Satoshi Nakayama (5th-8th Place)Selesnya EnchantressExport to:
Hiroki Nagase (5th-8th Place)Azorius ArtifactsExport to:
Daniel Garcia-Rosas (5th-8th Place)Golgari FoodExport to:
Junya Iyanaga (5th-8th Place)Golgari FoodExport to: