About the NRG Series

The 2022 NRG Series is a series of Magic: the Gathering tournaments around the Midwest, culminating in a 16-player, $20,000 invitation-only tournament.

You can view the upcoming events schedule here.

Each $15,000 Trial Weekend (approx. once per month) has a $10,000 Trial on Saturday and a $5,000 Trial on Sunday. Top finishers split the cash prize pool and all participants earn valuable NRG Series points. Once per season, a $25,000 Showdown Weekend weekend will replace the Trial weekend, featuring a $20,000 Showdown event on Saturday, with a direct invitation to the Championship up for grabs. The other invitations to the Championship are awarded based on your ranking on the NRG Series Leaderboard.

Invitations to the 2022 NRG Series Championship are awarded as follows:

  • (1) 2020-21 NRG Series Champion
  • (2) Season 1 Seasonal Leaderboard Top 2 (counts points through May Trial weekend)
  • (1) Season 1 Showdown Winner
  • (2) Season 2 Seasonal Leaderboard Top 2
  • (3) Season 2 Team Showdown Winners
  • (2) Season 3 Seasonal Leaderboard Top 2
  • (1) Season 3 Showdown Winner
  • (4) 2022 At-Large Leaderboard Top 4

Additionally, the player with the highest overall point total in a calendar year will be named that year’s NRG Series MVP, and will receive free entry into all Trials in the following year.

You can find more information about the 2022 NRG Series in our announcement article.