The NRG Championship Series

Note: This page has not yet been updated to reflect information in our 2020 NRG Series announcement.

The 2019 Nerd Rage Championship Series is a series of monthly $5,000 Championship Trials (CTs) culminating in a 24-player, $10,000 invitation-only tournament. Invitations to the 2019 NRG Championship will be awarded as follows:

  • Be the 2018 Series Champion (1)
  • Win an individual CT in 2019 (11)
  • Be a member of the winning team for the Team CT in November (3)
  • Be the Season 1 point leader (only counts points from the January CT to the June CT)
  • Be the Season 2 points leader (only counts points from after the June CT to the November Team CT)
  • Finish in the Top 6 at-large Championship Points (from the January CT to the November Team CT) among players not already qualified (6)
  • Win the NRG Series Arena Championship event via MTG Arena

Additionally, the player with the highest overall point total in a calendar year will be named that year’s NRG Championship Series MVP, and will receive free entry into all championship trials for the next year. You can view the current leaderboard here.

CTs rotate between Standard, Modern and Legacy; each trial is a $5,000 cash tournament and all finishers earn Championship Points based on their final standings. You can view the full list of upcoming events here.

The NRG Series is proudly sponsored by BCW Supplies. For each CT in 2019, the first 200 players to preregister will receive a free pack of BCW Elite2 deck guards. BCW is also giving away free deck guards and deckboxes to CTQ Top 8 players. For more information on BCW Supplies, check out their website.

Monthly Trial Payouts and Points Structure

1st: $1200, Invitation to 2019 Championship, 20 Points

2nd: $600, 18 Points

Top 4: $400, 15 Points

Top 8: $200, 12 Points

Top 16: $100, 8 Points

Top 32: $50, 4 Points

Top 64: 2 Points

All Other Participants: 1 Point