Announcing the NRG Series Online

First, we wanted to thank you for supporting us over the last few months. COVID-19 has been a difficult time for game stores worldwide, and Nerd Rage Gaming is no exception. By participating in our events, you have allowed us to continue to host tournaments and continue store operations despite the lack of in-person Magic.

Over the last few months, we’ve run a handful of online tournaments experimenting with different platforms, formats, prize structures, and procedures. During this time, we’ve also been working behind the scenes with Wizards of the Coast to imagine what an online NRG Series could look like. Today, we’re proud to announce the result of those months of planning with the NRG Series Online.

The inaugural season of the NRG Series Online will take place from September to December of 2020. The season will consist of 5 Online Trials and end with a Season Showdown.

Online Trials

Online Trials will be hosted approximately every three weeks during the season. Each Trial is a $1,000 cash event paid out to the Top 8 with a $15 entry fee. Trials will rotate formats and platforms between Legacy & Modern on Magic Online and Standard on MTG Arena. Regardless of the platform the event is played on, the Top 8 players from each Online Trial will earn a spot in an upcoming Qualifier Weekend on MTG Arena. In addition, the winner of each Online Trial will earn free entry and a Round 1 Bye in the Season Showdown.

Date Platform Format
Sept. 13 Magic Online Legacy
Oct. 04 Magic Online Modern
Nov. 08 MTG Arena Standard
Nov. 15 Magic Online Modern
Nov. 28 MTG Arena Standard

(dates and formats subject to change)

Season Showdown

The Season Showdown is the marquee event of the NRG Series Online. Entry into the Season Showdown is open to all players, regardless of previous play throughout the season. The Season Showdown is a $2,500 cash event paid out to the Top 16. The winner of the Season Showdown will also earn an invitation to the Kaldheim Championship. Our Season Showdown will be held on December 20, 2020 on Magic Online. More information about the event format and structure will be announced soon.


Since our first online event way back at the end of March, we’ve also been experimenting with our coverage capabilities. We’ve been very proud of how we’ve been able to adapt the high-quality of our paper event coverage to digital, and we plan on continuing to provide live coverage of each event in the NRG Series Online.

Weekend Loan Program

Our most recent event featured an exclusive agreement with Cardhoarder to provide a Weekend Pass to NRG Series competitors, allowing players who did not own cards on Magic Online to rent cards for the weekend as part of Cardhoarder’s Loan Program. We were extremely pleased with the number of players who took advantage of this program and are happy to announce that the Weekend Pass will return for all Magic Online events as part of the NRG Series Online.

Looking Ahead

The last six months have been anything but expected. We are hopeful for the day that paper events return, but we also understand that it still may be a while. The NRG Series Online will provide our players an opportunity to continue participating in Magic events despite the circumstances. Once this season nears its end, we will evaluate our event structures and practices and determine what the future holds. We hope to see you on the (virtual) battlefield this fall on the NRG Series Online. Until then, stay safe.

Please note that the information on this website may not yet be updated to reflect this announcement. Any questions or comments about this announcement can be sent to NRG Series Event Manager Max Kahn at

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