The Field: #NRGINDY Pioneer Metagame Breakdown

Over 150 players came to play Magic’s newest format as the NRG Series traveled to Indianapolis, Indiana for the first time! The #NRGINDY Pioneer Trial was the first major event after Players Tour Phoenix, which featured a battle between the “Splinter-Twin-esque” combo of Dimir Inverter and the rising star Lotus Breach combo. With those two pillars of the format in mind, here’s what our players chose to battle with last weekend:

It’s not much of a surprise that our metagame featured Lotus Breach and Inverter as the top two decks, with Bant Spirits, Sultai Delirium, and UW Control rounding out our top 5. What is surprising, however, is how these decks finished. Inverter put 4 copies into our Top 16, but players came prepared for Lotus Field, which didn’t have a single copy in our Top 16.

While we could only fit 16 decks into our Top 16 article, one of my favorite parts of presenting these metagame breakdowns is taking a look at some of the rogue decks that players submitted that fell a little short. Here are some of my favorites:

Derrick YorkGB EldraziExport to:
Ryan SearbyNaya HexproofExport to:
Mark NaborsUG DevotionExport to:
Nick JanoskiGB Seasons PastExport to:
David LamUG EldraziExport to:
Kyle HintzeGrixis PyromancerExport to:
Ivan EspinosaGB StompyExport to:
Tyler Cooper5-Color Niv-MizzetExport to:
Douglas BlackSultai Villainous WealthExport to:

Thanks for reading The Field! Be sure to check out the metagame from the Modern Trial at #NRGINDY. And if you want some more Pioneer action on the NRG Series, check us out on March 21-22 in Milwaukee! Until next time!

Max Kahn is the Event Manager for the NRG Series and the Judge Manager for all Nerd Rage Gaming events. When he’s not answering your judge calls or working behind the scenes at your local event, he splits his time between Chicago, Seattle, and Twitter.

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Max Kahn