Nerd Rage Gaming Judge Rewards Program

Nerd Rage Gaming considers the Judge Program to be a critical part of running high-quality events. In order to give back to the judges that help run our events, we decided to create the Nerd Rage Gaming Judge Rewards Program in 2017. Whenever a judge works an NRG Series event (Showdowns, Trials, or certain in-store events), they earn points that will get tracked below. Judges can then redeem their points for exclusive NRG merchandise.

How to Earn Points

Event/Role Points per day
Trial Head Judge 10
Trial Scorekeeper 10
Trial Floor Judge 5
Other 5

How to Spend Points

Item Points
Drawstring Bag 10
Playmat 15
T-shirt/Jersey 20
Hoodie 30
Custom Judge Polo 50

In order to claim rewards, please email the Championship Series Coordinator, Max Kahn, at max@nerdragegaming.com. Please include your name and which item(s) you would like to redeem. Redeeming items may involve paid shipping or free pick-up at an event.