Why Judging for NRG ROCKS!!


Nerd Rage Gaming Judge Rewards Program

Nerd Rage Gaming considers the Judge Program to be a critical part of running high-quality events. In order to give back to the judges that help run our events, we decided to create the Nerd Rage Gaming Judge Rewards Program in 2017. Whenever a judge works an NRG Series event (Showdowns, Trials, or certain in-store events), they earn points that will get tracked below. Judges can then redeem their points for exclusive NRG merchandise.

How to Earn Points

Event/Role Points per day
Trial/Showdown Head Judge 10
Trial/Showdown Scorekeeper 10
Trial/Showdown Floor Judge or Team Lead 5
Prize Wall/Other Admin 5
“The Force of Nerd Rage!” 5

How to Spend Points

Item Points
Drawstring Bag 10
Playmat 15
T-shirt/Jersey 20
Hoodie 30
Custom Judge Polo 50

In order to claim rewards, please email the Championship Series Coordinator, Libby, at libby@nerdragegaming.com. Please include your name and which item(s) you would like to redeem. Redeeming items may involve paid shipping or free pick-up at an event.

The Force of Nerd Rage

We here at NRG believe that judges are one of the major factors that add to our superior player experience. We pride ourselves on being an energetic, safe, and enjoyable space for people of all types and styles. The Force of Nerd Rage award is something we give to those judges who bring their A-Game and provide players with the customer service experience that our players know and love!

Judges who are awarded this title receive the following benefits:

  • A special call-out in their end of day judge debrief
  • A special role in the NRG Discord Server
  • A Force of Rage – Foil signed/doodled on by the NRG crew
  • 5 additional NRG Judge Reward Points
  • Their name and picture on the Force of Nerd Rage page!

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