The Field: September 2019 CT Metagame Breakdown

Welcome back to another edition of The Field! This time, we’ll be taking a look at the metagame from the September 2019 NRG Series CT hosted last Saturday in Madison, WI.

The last time we broke down our Legacy metagame in April, the top decks were UW Stoneblade, Death & Taxes, and UR Delver. And while all of those decks were still present in September in some capacity (and UW Stoneblade still appearing pretty frequently at 9%), the new bogeyman from Modern Horizons Wrenn and Six has catapulted Temur Delver back into relevance and it appeared in strong numbers in the metagame and in our Top 16.

As with any Legacy tournament, you can’t expect to always play against the most popular decks. Legacy is a format open-wide for innovation and creativity. Newly discovered synergies with cards printed decades apart and players registering their old “pet decks” create a ton of diversity among archetypes in the format. Here’s a look at what comprises the “other” category:

And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for, straight from the tables in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, here are some fun decklists:

Ben SchuetzenhoferMono Black “Hat Trick”Export to:
Caleb TumaManaless DredgeExport to:
Max TornowHumansExport to:
Tommy TomsovicSnow Food ChainExport to:
Luke StraslerJeskai MentorExport to:
Reed SplettLand Grant PhoenixExport to:
Joshua PrestonUW HelmExport to:
Ben PorterHardened ScalesExport to:
Alexander LukeMono-Black MidrangeExport to:
Matt JohnsonAtog AffinityExport to:
Jeremiah GoertzJeskai SuperfriendsExport to:
Evan GascoyneMystic Forge ComboExport to:
Matt DowTemur InfectExport to:
Luke ChristensenMono-Blue DreadnoughtExport to:

Thanks for reading The Field! We’ll be back next month with a look at the metagame from the October 20th Modern CT as part of the $10,000 #NRGCHI weekend. Until next time!

Max Kahn is the Event Manager for the NRG Series and the Judge Manager for all Nerd Rage Gaming events. When he’s not answering your judge calls or working behind the scenes at your local event, he splits his time between Chicago, Seattle, and Twitter.

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Max Kahn