NRG Series 2019 Season Two Announcement

The 2019 NRG Series has taken the Midwest by storm! Over the course of just three events, we’ve already had over 450 unique players compete for their share of the monthly $5000 prize pools. But just when you thought the wheels on the NRG Series hype train couldn’t spin any faster, we’re happy to share with you our plans for Season Two:

The 2019 NRG Series Championship

After carefully considering feedback about last year’s Championship structure, we’re going to completely revamp the experience for the 24 invited competitors, who will be battling in Standard, Modern, and Legacy on December 21st and 22nd for a $10,000 total prize pool. In addition, we’re overjoyed to announce that the 2019 NRG Series Champion will be invited to a tabletop Mythic Championship in early 2020. We’ll have more information in the upcoming months about the new Championship format and there’s still plenty of time for you to qualify. Only 4 of the 24 seats have been claimed so far; you can still qualify in any of the following ways:

  • Be the 2018 Series Champion (Matt Hoey)
  • Win an individual CT in 2019 (Simon Kamerow, Michael Yeakey, Alex Sarver, 8 spots remaining)
  • Be a member of the winning team for the Team CT in November (3)
  • Be the Season 1 point leader (only counts points from the January CT to the June CT)
  • Be the Season 2 points leader (only counts points from after the June CT to the November Team CT)
  • Finish in the Top 6 at-large Championship Points (from the January CT to the November Team CT) among players not already qualified (6)
  • Win the NRG Series Arena Championship event via MTG Arena

The NRG Series + MTG Arena

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last year or so, you’ve seen how MTG Arena has completely changed the landscape of competitive Magic and has brought Magic into the esports environment. NRG is happy to announce that we are starting to test bringing MTG Arena to the NRG Series during Season Two of 2019.

We’re still ironing out final details, but we can say that we’ll be hosting three tournaments on MTG Arena throughout the remainder of the year. The first two qualifying events will be open to anyone across the world. Finish in the Top 8 at either of these two events to earn cash prizes and qualify for the NRG Series Arena Championship. The 16 players in the NRG Series Arena Championship will compete for their share of additional prizes and the Arena Champion will earn a flight voucher, hotel accommodation, and an invitation to the 2019 NRG Series Championship.

More details about the NRG Series Arena events, including event dates, entry options, and prize pools are coming soon.

Season Two Schedule

Before we reveal the Season Two schedule, here’s the remainder of events that we’ve already announced for Season One:

Date Location Format
April 13, 2019 Palatine, Illinois Legacy
May 18, 2019 Cedar Rapids, Iowa Modern
June 15, 2019 Gurnee, Illinois Standard

The June 15th CT will be part of the $10,000 NRG Series weekend, featuring an MCQ on June 16th. More information on that weekend can be found on Facebook.

And now, here’s the Season Two schedule:

Date Location Format
July 20, 2019 Mundelein, Illinois Modern
August 17, 2019 Cedar Rapids, Iowa Modern
September 14, 2019 Milwaukee, Wisconsin Legacy
October 20, 2019 Chicagoland, Illinois Modern
November 2, 2019 Madison, Wisconsin Standard
November 30, 2019 Chicagoland, Illinois Team Constructed
December 21-22, 2019 Buffalo Grove, Illinois Championship (Invite Only)

*June 7th Update: Due to scheduling conflicts with venues in Bloomington/Normal, we have moved the location of the July CT to Mundelein, IL. The date and format remained unchanged*

Each of the Season Two CTs features $5,000 in total prizes, and players receive a free pack of BCW Elite 2 sleeves with their entry. Preregistration for Season Two events will be available soon.

Looking Ahead

This is my favorite part of these announcements to write, as 2019 has already surpassed our expectations. We’re so grateful to the players who have attended our events so far, the judges and staff members who help us run smooth events, and the various community members who have given us valuable feedback.

By the end of 2019, the NRG Series will award over $70,000 in total prizes, we’ll begin our integration with MTG Arena, and our champion will earn the opportunity to represent the Midwest at a tabletop Mythic Championship in 2020. And we can’t wait to see it happen.

As always, we’d love to hear what you have to say about today’s announcements! Feel free to reach out to us on Twitter at @NRGSeries. If you have something that 280 characters can’t do justice, feel free to reach out to the NRG Series Manager Max Kahn at Until next time!

Please note that some content found on the Nerd Rage Gaming website may not yet have been updated to reflect the information contained in today’s announcement. 

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