Kamigawa Neon Dynasty: White

All ratings follow the Limited Resources ratings scale as listed below:

5.0 – The best of the best.

4.5 – Incredible bomb, but not unbeatable.

4.0 – Good rare or top tier uncommon. 

3.5 – Top tier common or solid uncommon. 

3.0 – Good playable that basically always makes the cut. 

2.5 – Solid playable that rarely gets cut. 

2.0 – Good filler that sometimes gets cut. 

1.5 – Filler, gets cut about half the time. 

1.0 – Bad filler, gets cut most of the time. 

0.5 – Very low end playables and sideboard cards. 

0.0 – Completely unplayable.

Ancestral Katana 1.5
This moveable equipment can fill a fine role in a deck full of samurai and warriors, but if you are paying three mana to re-equip, you probably should not include this in your deck.

Ao, the Dawn Sky 5.0
On its base rate, a five mana 5/4 flyer with vigilance is an excellent rate. Tack on a death trigger with, let’s be honest, you are always choosing to put two +1/+1 counters on all your creatures and vehicles in limited, which makes your opponent’s choice to remove it even more challenging. This is a card worth pivoting your draft entirely if you open this in pack 2, as it is one of the best cards in the set.

Banishing Slash 3.0
While this card looks extremely similar to Divine Gambit, it is much better and even has an upside if you cast it while controlling an artifact and an enchantment! The WW cost is steep, but flexible removal spells are premium in any format.

Befriending the Moths 2.5
This card is very aggressively slanted, and you need to make sure your deck can consistently curve two drop into three drop before playing this saga. Pushing damage in the air for two turns and leaving behind a 2/4 flier is a solid card.

Blade-Blizzard Kitsune 2.5
2/2 Double strikers can pack a lot of punch, and when combined with the ‘attack with only one samurai’ triggers, this can kill an opponent out of nowhere when ninjutsu’d in mid-combat.

Born to Drive 2.5
Three mana for two instant speed pilots is a solid rate for go wide creature decks, and a big aura to buff a creature or vehicle can pack a mean punch.

Brilliant Restoration 1.0
Seven mana Replenish for artifacts and enchantments is way too slow for limited.

Cloudsteel Kirin 3.5
A 3/2 flier for 3 is a solid rate on its own, and paying five mana to give a creature flying and “you can’t lose the game” is a unique effect on a game of limited. Just don’t go to negative life and then un-attach this card.

Dragonfly Suit 1.5
Three mana for a 3/2 flier with crew 1 appears to be a solid rate, but this doesn’t block effectively to be worth playing.

Eiganjo Exemplar 2.5
A premium two drop that enables other attacks once it’s outsized on board. This gets way better in multiples too.

Era of Enlightenment 2.0
Scry 2, gain 2, and then a 2/2 first striker is a fine card on curve, but more copies of this card have diminishing returns.

The Fall of Lord Konda 2.0
Conditional removal spells are always underwhelming, and this reminds me of Bring to Trial. However, it does hit the expensive sagas once they hit chapter 3, so it may be stuck in your hand until you have a target to hit.

Farewell 4.5
Six mana sweepers are always very powerful in limited, and as long as you can survive to cast this, it’s going to shake things up in a significant way.

Go-Shintai of Shared Purpose 2.5
The body on this shrine is a bit underwhelming for the initial investment cost, but once it’s online, it creates a real board presence that can stall for a long time.

Golden-Tail Disciple 2.5
2/3 lifelink creature for three is always a solid rate in limited, and it’s an enchantment creature to boot.

Hotshot mechanic 2.0
Being able to crew as though it has four power is cool, but the day of savannah lions being good in limited has passed.

Imperial Oath 2.5
Six mana for six power and toughness and tack on a scry 3 is a nice top end for an aggro deck, going wide and setting up your next draw steps.

Imperial Recovery Unit 3.0
A reasonable body for its cost, rebuying another creature or vehicle can provide another threat when your fast start gets interacted with.

Imperial Subduer 3.0
One of the premium ‘attack alone’ cards in the set, especially in multiples, can make it extremely hard to race by removing a blocker each turn.

Intercessor’s Arrest 3.0
Revoke Privileges meets Arrest in this premium white removal spell at common.

Invoke Justice (Build around) 4.0
Difficult to cast, but the combination of Reanimate a permanent And distributing four +1/+1 counters is very exciting, and I would not pass this card early in pack 1.

Kitsune Ace 1.5
A 2 drop with some relevance for decks with lots of vehicles does not fit into every deck, and there are much better white two drops to choose from when building your deck.

Kyodai, Soul of Kamigawa 4.0
A 3/3 flier for four that makes something indestructible as long as Kyodai is in play is a huge tempo swing when it comes down.

Light the Way 1.0
One mana tricks are fine, but this one just doesn’t cut it.

Light-Paws, Emperor’s Voice (Build around) 2,0
This card has a lot of text, but most of it is only relevant for constructed. If you’re lucky, you might be able to get one trigger off its convoluted ability, but treat this as a bear and don’t overthink about it.

Lion Sash 3.5
Scavenging Ooze, but an equipment creature is very powerful and demands an immediate answer before taking over the game.

Lucky Offering (Sideboard) 2.0
This shatter is strictly a sideboard card when you see an artifact that must be answered.

March of Otherworldly Light 3.5
Instant speed removal spells are always great, and this one scales to its target. It’s unlikely that the cost reduction will be relevant,

Michiko’s Reign of Truth 3.0
This saga packs a punch and leaves a big enchantment matters creature behind. However, this card does require a strong curve out with enchantment creatures, so be conscious of this while building your decks.

Mothrider Patrol 2.5
A one mana flier with a late-game tap ability can also easily enable ninjutsu attacks, as well as being a fine creature to put +1/+1 counters on

Norika Yamazaki, the Poet 3.0
Granting the ability to recast enchantments when attacking with only one samurai or warrior gives your deck a bit of recursion and late-game value.

Regent’s Authority 1.5
Another one mana trick, this one has a bit of upside if it targets a legendary or enchantment creature, but otherwise, this is your run-of-the-mill +2/+2 until the end of turn trick that white usually has in limited. Don’t forget about this when your opponent has one mana up and is making a strange attack.

Repel the Vile 2.0
A flexible removal spell, being able to exile an enchantment or a four power or greater creature, is always a serviceable card for a white deck.

The Restoration of Eiganjo 3.5
The front half of this saga is a tad underwhelming, but building your own Brimaz, King of Oreskos on the backside is a really powerful card.

Selfless Samurai 3.0
Granting lifelink to solo attacking samurai can swing races in a big way, and protecting another creature with indestructibility is a nice cherry on top.

Seven-Tail Mentor 3.0
Gavony Silversmith, this is not, but it’s pretty close in power level.

Sky-Blessed Samurai (Build around) 3.5
Spending 7 mana for a 4/4 flier is expensive, but the discount for each enchantment you control makes this a Serra Angel pretty reliably.

Spirited Companion 2.5
Elvish Visionary that’s an enchantment is a solid creature for any white deck.

Sunblade Samurai 3.0
Environmental Sciences but only for plains, allows you to splash any white removal spells you want and lets you cut a land from your aggressive white decks while providing a not embarrassing piece of midrange top end.

Touch the Spirit Realm 3.5
Oblivion Ring that can be Channeled to blink an artifact or creature (and possibly be returned to hand later) is always a high-value card in limited.

Wanderer’s Intervention 2.0
Gideon’s Reproach by another name is an interesting card in this format, as casting it too early against a deck with ninjas can lead to a massive blowout in your opponent’s favor, and patience can lead to a massive tempo swing in your favor. However, leaving open two mana often telegraphs this spell, so be careful on your timing.

The Wandering Emperor 5.0
The first-ever combat trick planeswalker does it all, and this card protects itself and removes creatures. It’s just the complete package and one of the best cards in the set.

When We Were Young 2.0
Four mana for +2/+2 to two creatures is below the rate for the mana spent, and the requirement of controlling an artifact and enchantment is not always guaranteed.

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Zach Dubin