Modern: NRG Series Showdown, December 20, 2020

Note: This event was a multi-format event. As such, final standings do not necessarily indicate a players’ performance with their deck. To that effect, each player’s record with that deck has been included with their final standing. You can view the Legacy decklists from this event here.

Nathan Steuer (1st Place: 7-0)Rakdos Death’s ShadowExport to:
Connor Mullaly (2nd Place: 5-1)GW TitanExport to:
Sam Dams (3rd/4th Place: 4-1)BG InfectExport to:
Josh Feliciano (3rd/4th Place: 3-3)GW TitanExport to:
Levi Sprung (5th-8th Place: 2-2)GW TitanExport to:
John Ryan Hamilton (5th-8th Place: 3-1)RW HeliodExport to:
Fabrizio Anteri (5th-8th Place: 2-3)Temur ControlExport to:
Richard Neal (5th-8th Place: 2-3)ElectrobalanceExport to:
Cathrine Savino (4-0)TitanshiftExport to: